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Sarah x

Sarah is one of Ireland's best known mystics. 

As a seer, healer, life coach, writer, author, academic, former CBS radio host & World Puja Network presenter, 

OM Times featured writer & consciousness facilitator, Sarah can offer you a wide range of service and support - 

email sarahdelamere@outlook.com for more specific bespoke services, if you have questions, 

or cannot find what you are looking for. Keep scrolling this page for details of the various services on offer.

Sarah is known for her accuracy, healing and manifesting abilities. Even a simple reading with her can pave the way for a radical change in your life. Wonderful things can happen in your work together. Sarah marvels daily at the miracles which occur in the lives of my clients when they take the leap of faith and work with Sarah. 

Louis Walsh & Simon Cowell were stunned into silence when Sarah predicted the FULL line-up of Irish Popstars SIX. Sarah read for 32 talented kids and accurately named the final six. The prediction was secretly filmed with no one else in the room but the producer. Louis Walsh revealed the band line-up on camera the following February. 

Sarah also has been publicly recognised as an effective healer. This is possibly my purest and primary gift. Sarah can lift pain with my hands pretty much instantly. And Sarah has helped clients with all kinds of issues and conditions. 

"My specialities are lifting pain and depression, as well as energy boosts, major clearings and *resets." 

Sarah was called into help Paul O' Connell of the Irish Rugby Team with his shoulder injury which had been damaged in a brutal game with France. The team DR gave me permission to work on Paul's AC joint in the hope that he would pass the team physical in time for a crucial match. He DID. This in the year that Ireland first won the Six Nations Championship under Brian O' Driscoll. 

Sarah can be a bit of a *Secret Weapon* when called in on time. 

Sarah has written regular Astrology columns for many publications including The Irish Independent, Sunday World, RTE Guide, Social and Personal Magazine, Cork Echo, Belfast Telegraph, as well as her 'Dear Sarah' column for The Star (a psychic agony aunt page), XPOSE magazine, OM TIMES have featured many articles and her book Star Scope was published by Poolbeg. 

Rainbow Wisdom publishes all her subsequent publications which are available on Amazon, 

and The Barnes and Noble, and Waterstones on line stores (click here)

Education: Gordano Comprehensive School in Portishead, Stirling University BA hons in English (with Philosophy and Religious Studies subsidiaries), MSC from Edinburgh University in Modernism and Postmodernism, M Phil in Publishing from Stirling University, and studying independently to finish PHD from UCD (Philosophy).

TV experience: Irish Popstars for Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell (also shown on ITV in the UK), Ryan Tubridy Show, You’re A Star, Ireland AM, TTV, Celebrity Farm, Dustin the Turkey, The Cafe, The Afternoon Show, Podge and Rodge.

Radio Stuff: Newstalk, 98 FM, Talk Sport UK, Spanish Radio, Una Power Show, Cork Red FM, RTE Radio 1 and 2, Gerry Ryan Show, Marian Finucanne Show, Tom Dunne Show, East Coast FM, Q 102, 10

4 FM, Corks RED FM. CBS ~ Soul to Soul Show, The World PUJA Network ~ Heart to Heart Show, Radio Bristol BBC.


(email your testimonies to sarahdelamere@outlook.com )

*Good Morning Ms Sarah. Ashton Kutcher is right. You are certainly on point with everything.

I haven't had reading with you in years but you were so truthful *

*You always make so much sense to me. You fly high above the bull and observe and predict with uncanny accuracy.

I've had a respect crush on you for years*

* I'm not into horoscopes in general, I'm into your wisdom and refined writing, there is some kind of synchronicity with your words and the events in my life which I find very inspiring and reassuring, and reading others is painful to my eyes ..... * #somoneinSpain

*Sarah, I have been a fan of yours for years, though I must admit only in reading daily horoscopes, which I found eerily accurate.

 I am delighted to have found this site with so much details, the books I will source. *

*Hi Sarah you don't know but you kinda do. i have been reading my scope in the indo since you started there that's years. the insight you give me into my situation well i can tell now i will never be grateful enough. its been a long road and more to come but the 316 revolution stated 21 years ago and will always be relevant thank you for all your support and encouragement. my journey continues and you and the others of your kind and mine will prevail.

Thank you again LIBRA 316*

*17 years ago I had a few sessions with you. Everything you predicted was right. Would love to book a session again when free. You have progressed and turned into a celebrity. Amazing. Hope you have time.*

*Your packages are awesome*

*Just love her! Call her without hesitation, she knows. Thanks!*

*Always there when you need her. Wonderfully supportive calming loving energy abounds with this psychic.*

*Great reading. Seemed to connect quickly and comes across very honest. I would use her again for sure.*

* Hi Sarah. I just went onto your website and focused my attention on connecting with some of your positive energy and I felt what I can only describe as a chunk of "dark matter" fall of me. Nothing sinister or anything like that just a lightening and a sense of something soothing like a balm being laid on my heart chakra. 

I hope this doesn't sound weird it was a genuinely Lovely experience.

Thank you for sharing your energy. *

*Wonderful psychic, a lot of information provided quickly. What I like is that she delivers the information with ease and a confidence, hard to explain, but when you have a reading with her you will know what I mean and become a repeat client as well. *

*I remember when I first wrote to you almost 6 years ago about my mum having breast cancer and u knew straight away that the treatment plan they gave her was wrong and what you told me they should do was exactly what happened so you obviously just knew...I remember how amazed I was in the doctors office when they changed her treatment plan

 to exactly what u said it should be. She is great now, cancer free for almost 5 years*

*Sarah I just wanted to tell you that you're awesome! You told me my boyfriend John would be coming back and we'd be getting back together on the 20th, well today's the 20th and he just moved back in!! This is the second time you've been spot on to the exact date and I'm so grateful! You truly are a blessing! Thank you so much! God bless!!* 

* After Chronic Back Pain, during which I could hardly walk, I went to see Sarah De La Mer, who writes astrology columns in some of the nationals. Yes, I hear you scream, what would she know? Well, as it happens, she is also a very switched on psychic healer and she did deep heat treatment on me for over an hour and a half out in Dalkey. After this I had the mother of all headaches for a couple of hours but the back pain was gone and it has not come back in six years. Prior to seeing her I had crawled to an orthopaedic surgeon in Eccles Street who told me there was nothing that could be done as I had a worn disc. Sarah has a special talent.*

Anonymous Posted on Gaire forums

*Sarah is very soothing while bringing forth a calm steady flow of information. Answered my questions with ease compassion and confidence. A sweet advisor, astrology was a pleasant surprise to the reading as well. Wonderful! Will call her again*.

*Connects quickly and answers all your questions. A+++++ adviser! :) *

* Excellent advisor!*

*I wanted to thank you personally for the sense of calm that you brought to my heart. As a reader myself, I know what kind of skill it takes to tune into someone in seconds and lay out details of their situation. You were accurate beyond the pail! Thank you.*

*Wonderful, Sarah gave me a lot of information that is very helpful. Will definitely call her again. 

She is sweet, caring and accurate.

Thank you for your sweet nature and amazing gift.*

* On 2nd aug we got the call that all people dread to get, that a loved on had been involved in a serious accident. Arrival at the hospital and I was greeted by a priest. We were told they waiting to do an emergency brain scan and that she would have to have surgery to reduce brain swelling. I remember calling Sarah at about 10.30 and leaving a message. If anyone could help Sarah could.Days passed and Teresa did not wake up. Spoke with Sarah and kept her up to date. We were sure it was right side of brain that was injured, but Sarah said it was the left which came to light on speaking with the DR again.

Sarah always told us she would wake up and I believed her. Two weeks later her eyes flickered and she awoke. 

All the progress she made thereafter was predicted by Sarah in detail.

The Doctors are all shocked, and don't say any more what her progress will be as every time she disproves them.

Our thanks goes to Sarah who kept our hopes up that she would improve.*

*Sarah is the best and most accurate, professional and sweetest psychic I know. She gave me info that was mind-blowing,

and I thank her so much for everything.*

 * I spoke with a "few" others because I couldn't reach Sarah.

I was glad to able to finally connect with her, because I was receiving confusing and conflicting messages.

I finally was able to connect with Sarah, and she speaks with such confidence, with a great sense of compassion for her client.*

*Brilliant. That's the word that comes to mind. I can say that if you read, or have strong intuition, Sarah will leave you with a sigh of relief. Her answers are clear,fast, and her accuracy is unbelievable. She predicted a timeframe, which happened, but she knew our last point of contact, which floored me. I feel better, calmer, and just know it's going to be ok. You will be glad you choose her.*

~ *She's the real deal!!!*

 *I love your accent, I worked with Europeans and this is great, she is in tuned , even in my major stress, fears about moving, and moving on, and I do get knocked, but I am working through , Thanks SO Much, *

 *Sarah, is awesome!!! I truly felt she was feeling what I asked.. Remarkable feeling after the reading.. I can't wait to check back with her in the future.. If any new clients reading this , please do not hesitate .. Give her a chance.. You wil be glad you did!!!!*

 * Very smooth and caring. Good accurate read on other person involved. Did not waste my time. *

 *I was completely energized by our chat on Tuesday, and I totally trust you Sarah,

and know you wouldn't send me something that wasn't amazing*...

 * Absolutely wonderful and helpful at my worst moments. I feel so much better after talking with Sarah!* 

*Instills confidence and gave me tools to use to help with my anxiety. Very accurate and assuring.*

~ * Got into the situation with little input from me.*

 *Sarah is a psychic who does not say the obvious. Rather Sarah will say obscure things that may seem ridiculous at first

BUT THEN THEY END UP COMING TRUE. Sarah gives unexpected dynamic accurate predictions.*

 *I have experienced first hand Sarah's healing services and packages. The results are very very good.

I confess I am sometimes set back at how powerful and effective Sarah is. I cannot explain her gift.

I cannot explain why her services work, and those from other psychics don't. But work they DO.*

 *Sarah’s services are legitimate. She has a specialized process for helping clients heal or receive things in their life they desire. She has some magical way about her. A combination of listening well to clients, helping them, accurate predictions, loving support, and such a connection with spirit that her intentions give clients a good result. Some ignorant people will perhaps not understand what she is doing, but the point is that she is using her gift to help her clients get great results.*  

Astro Testimonies

*My younger sister and I have been reading your horoscopes in the Weekender magazine in the Irish independent for years now,

and we would both like to say how much faith we have in your horoscopes.

Every weekend we would rush to get the Saturday paper so we could see what the following week would have in store.

It was always eerily true and no matter how many other horoscopes we have looked at in different papers or online

yours was the only one that we have ever trusted.*

*My main reason for buying the sat and Sunday Indo .....your horoscopes...

I wouldn’t trust anyone else’s. ...my late dad loved your horoscopes as I do.*

*Many People enjoy your horoscopes. A lot of the things you have said in my stars have been true to life.

Which is bizarre but true. I live in London and really enjoy them every week.*


*Hi Sarah! I appreciate all the work you’ve done and I look forward to reading more of your work!

Thank you once again for providing us with such a fantastic insight into our lives.*

Watch the Irish Popstars Envelope for Simon Cowell's Show Irish Popstars

being opened live in Feb 2001 by Louis Walsh on the picture link above.

(@ 1 min 40 secs) - where @sarahdelamer predicted the FULL line up of the band the previous October, 

putting all the names into a sealed envelope in limited filming conditions - only camera man and producer present - 

Sarah has been on numerous radio and TV shows demonstrating live her abilities under pressure. 

She has made multiple predictions in newspapers and magazines re sports results, political outcomes,

and pop culture information (which then came true). 

She has also predicted lottery numbers and horse wins with success. 

Cynical DJ - 

What record am I going to play next?

In this prediction I was put on the spot by a cynical Tony Fenton. He asked me what track he was going to play next 
*if I was so psychic.* This might be the one time I have 'almost' freaked myself out! I was sitting in my work space miles away from the studio, and had never listened to his show (so I was not remotely aware of his play lists).

It's A Beautiful Day! 

Six Out of SIX

There were many media write ups of the Six out of Six prediction I made for Simon Cowell's Irish Pop Stars competition. I read for the final 32 kids in this contest in October, and then wrote six names in an envelope the next morning. At least I got a night to sleep on it. But I was isolated in my room with no outside contact or extra information.  The envelope was filmed from distance with only the camera man and producer in the room. No one knew the contents of the envelope but me. I told no one. The envelope was eventually opened early the following year once all the decisions had been made. The judges had wanted Nadine Coyle in the line up. Even though I could tell she was one of the most talented singers there, she was not in my envelope. I knew she would initially be picked, but something did not feel right with her and my stomach sank when she sat down with me. There was an *off-whack* feeling. Nadine's replacement WAS in my envelope. As the reality show unfolded it was randomly found that Nadine was underage and had mislead the judges about her status. She should never have put herself forward for the contest. This whole drama was absolutely NOT a set up, as some people initially thought. I wrote the names in a second sealed envelope, and secured that in the local bank, just in case there was any funny business with the *reveal.* It turned out that this was the event that was to propel me into the lime light. It got attention. How could anyone have known this? All I can say is I was prompted with clarity in the moment I wrote those names. It felt powerful and clear. It is this focus that I now like to bring to the table to help my clients, with accurate tangible, useful advice. 

*I was delighted to read on the day after the match in question, that the lads had had a laugh about Paul's determination to play. So determined was Paul that he called in a strange blonde psychic to help him get match fit. As Donncha said in his Ireland on Sunday column, "Paul will do anything within his means to get ready for work, and if that means forty minutes with a new age hippy so be it." Fair play to Paul for taking a chance, and being so open. Needs must. It says a lot about him as a guy that he would be open to trying such a thing. To set himself up for merry ridicule from his team mates, shows the metal of the man.  Perhaps Superman really does exist in the fine form of Paul O'Connell. It is a validation of the link we made that Paul's performance in the Scottish game proved to be so crucial. I had told Paul with certainty on the Tuesday night that he would play. It turned out he was even named man of the match against all the odds. I am only sorry for Donncha that Paul's recovery put him back on the benches and out of a job for the night.  Still I am very glad to have helped in some way. I had been touched that Donncha, The Gentle Giant, had really grasped what my work was about. True, he wrote up quite a jokey account of Paul's healing, and my subsequent apology to him. But I thought that took a rare humility from such a hunky macho guy. Donncha has such a strong work ethic himself, that I am sure he was miffed that I put him back on the benches by helping Paul. But I did apologise, and he was gracious enough to say that the

"more able bodies there are in the team the better." Donncha did get his karmic reward shortly afterwards, when Malcolm O'Kelly's injury problems paved the way for him to get some match time*.... cont'd

World Cup Predictions for Daily Express

This prediction enabled a few people to get a winning bet on. This prediction was: 

Brazil to win The World Cup, and England to lose 2:1 to Brazil in the earlier stages of the competition. 

The newspaper received a letter from a reader who had donated their winnings to his favourite charity. 

Sports Predictions and Healing

This article in the Sports Pages of The Irish Independent Newspaper is funny. It calls me the *woman who single-handedly returned Paul O' Connell to full fitness, and delivered Ireland a Triple Crown.* NO pressure!  

*I had explained to Gary who I was, and that both my brother and father were doctors, so I fully understood medical pragmatism regarding such things. For what it was worth, I told Gary that my father had to attend the Bristol student rugby sessions as part of his work remit for Bristol University. He seemed to like this story, and interestingly he was refreshingly open to an alternative approach, so long as I was not going to stick any needles in Paul. I had not realised that Paul O'Connell was indeed such a key player, and I think at that point, they were so keen for him to play Saturday that they would have tried anything. They did. What is more it worked*

Munster V Leinster 

You know you have gotten under the skin of the skeptics when the acerbic Ian O'Doherty covers your story; and turns out to be wrong! Oops. Ian's column I-Spy, to be fair, usually WAS correct on its commentary.

Not this time though. I was correct. Psychics 1: Skeptics 0 etc.

Somewhat against odds, the Leinster V Munster show down was INDEED a Munster win, as I had been predicting for some time. I also wrote a detailed predictive description of the match and its' key players, which was published before the event, 

proving to be uncanny in its accuracy. 

Unofficial Tipster 

For The Irish Rugby Team 

*I was regularly consulted for match predictions, and even asked to give an assessment about how a match would play out. I became the predictor of outcomes. I was consulted by journalists about politics, elections, celebrities and sports stars. I was the Sarah who had Stars In Her Eyes. But one thing is for sure. I was taken seriously. My healing of Paul O' Connell made the papers quickly, and against the odds Paul played the Scottish match on Saturday. He was not fit to play this only a few days before. Seemingly in an odd twist of fate, I was the factor that made this possible. Or, I should say God using me as a channel made it possible. I had nothing to do with it. I listened, and followed the command. There may have been a lot of amusing locker room talk about the strange psychic lady. But in the hotel, I even had the coaches of the Irish Rugby Team walking up to me for predictions, insights and tips. I was obviously a source of amusement for them all, as well as delivering food for thought intermittently....*

* Literally the Irish Team were about to get on the coach to go begin the journey to Cardiff for the final show down against Wales. A few of us were in the computer room talking horses; not a word to the IRFU. I tipped them a fourteen-to-one horse for the race at four thirty. Mick O' Driscoll wanted a demonstration and set me a challenge. He did not believe it possible to psychically pick out horses or winning teams etc. I had already relayed the most important message of the day to Ronan, that he was going to clinch The Championship for the team. But Ronan was at that point primed to back the horse too it seemed. He scuttled down the corridor on his phone, possibly to catch the tip. Equally he may of course been chatting to his lovely wife Jessica. Ronan by his own admission loves the horses, and even owns a couple at this stage I believe. 

Of course the tipped horse ran in a winner right on cue. But I did not get so much as lunch that time by way of thanks. 

Any guy who had overheard that tip could have made thousands from the information. At least it all showed I was becoming quite a useful tipster, and gave me something to keep up my sleeve for a rainy day....* 

More where that came from ~ 

I have boxes of this stuff, so there is no shortage of 'evidences' in this camp! 

The services listed below can be made bespoke for you.

Do email me if you have any further questions - sarahdelamere@outlook.com

Together We Can Make Magic! 

Sarah x

For Readings & Additional Services

Enquiries to sarahdelamere@outlook.com

Pay For All Services Through Donation Button above  

Reading Healing & Protection - 



(A written/ chat) Reading,  HEALING & PROTECTION in these difficult times. You or a loved one can receive a Powerful Healing & Energy BOOST!  The energy generally starts to work as soon as you book. Do email relevant photographs, dates of birth, and questions to sarahdelamere@outlook.com (families and groups can be included in this request)



What do you WANT to happen? Are you ready to receive a major breakthrough? Feeling stuck? Then Desired Outcome is FOR YOU. Are you feeling, frustrated and stuck? In this package I work with you over time to sort through your intentions, visions and goals. I bring your energy into alignment with your deepest desires and wishes, and fully facilitate you in the reaching of your goal.

DO you WANT and need a bit more hope, magic and RESOLUTION to show up in your life? This service is called *DESIRED OUTCOME* because it engages with your DESIRES and what you WISH TO HAPPEN. Desired Outcome is for those who have faith.  Do you have the BELIEF that you deserve good things to happen to you? I work closely with prayer and guidance using different techniques tailor-made to your unique situation. This service can be modified in some circumstances to include loved ones, family member and partners... please enquire on booking if you want the service to have a broader application. This service covers all areas of your life, you can choose re love, finances, location, a legal matter. 

ANYTHING at all!


Powerful Energy Reset Service


Are you feeling lethargic, drained, always tired, depressed or struggling with 101 aches and pains along with intense headaches? Many of these are *ascension* type symptoms which we are all coping with and processing at the moment. Planet Earth is being bombarded with energies which are upgrading and rebooting our systems at a relentless pace. I can HELP you integrate these energies. I can help energise and ground you and make you feel alive and dynamic once again. Work with me over a few weeks for a complete system reset and you will come out the other side feeling lighter and brighter and more ready to cope. Not only that, we will work together to boost your abundance factor and reset your ability to attract good things into your life. This service is available as a one off energy boost AND a package. Use the donation button above for the one off energy reset at a cost of $555 Pay through pay pal using email sarahdelamere@outlook.com

Pet Healing


Pet Healing ~ Does your pet need healing? If so I can help. I get powerful results from both hands on and distant healing. If your beloved animal is in trouble send a photograph and the pet's name and I will help. Whatever the condition I can help accelerate healing and more than likely bring about a full recovery. Certainly I can bring peace and healing to the situation that troubles you. I can also simply boost your pet's health and general well being with this service. Email your picture and the details of the condition to me. If you have the date of birth of the animal that is good too. But it is not essential.    

Pain Relief Service


Ease your Pain. This service brings a quick hit on any pain you are experiencing. This can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain. This is a targeted healing service which goes straight to the root of the problem and lifts the pain you are feeling up up and away in super quick time. Generally results are pretty instant, though in some persistent cases you could take a couple of days to fully feel the benefits. This service is generally a distance healing service, though in some cases I can arrange to meet the person. This is NOT necessary for a powerful result. People do not always believe absent healing is even possible. I assure you that it IS and that I have had some amazing results with it over time. If possible send a picture, but certainly send your date of birth. You can also purchase this service for a loved one or someone you want to help.

Powerful Absent Healing Service


A Special Healing Service. Are you or a loved one facing an illness? Injury? Always tired and exhausted? Weakened immune system? Weakened body or soul? I offer a fast immediate powerful and loving healing service. I consult with you regarding your struggle and then send to you in several different ways many different healing energies to help you, strengthen you, and protect you.  If you want to halt the progress of something; facilitate a loved one with a health issue, or access peace of mind and inner stability; then consider my current deal for yourself or a loved one.  I provide energetic support right away; allowing for a great shift in your health and well being. This service will bring you and your loved ones a wonderful miraculous result ~ Guaranteed!

This service works from distance (because 'everything is energy'. and I can help you wherever you are in the world, though your date of birth and a picture would be useful if possible. (not essential though I DO need a first name) 


Shift your Life to a Better Place


Need release from a KARMIC KRUNCH?  Are you in a situation where you feel stuck, or conditions remain unfavourable and unresolved?. If so, more than likely you are in a KARMIC RUT which needs an energetic breakthrough and lift. You may well also be suffering from a core soul wound which whatever you do does not heal. Do your situations and emotional patterns keep playing on a loop and you feel frustrated like there is no way forward? Then THIS service is for you. This Karmic Krunch service is a bit like boot camp for spiritual warriors (and worriers). It is related but different to my service *DESIRED OUTCOME*, which you may want to book simultaneously. (Usually these two go together for a negotiated price). This service is based on TRUST and appeals largely to spiritual people who *get* what it is about. But it really is for EVERYBODY, as long as you are open to what may develop and come from what will inevitably be a QUANTUM LEAP in your life and circumstances. The question is do you dare? Karmic Krunch involves an energetic connection with me for a number of weeks, with interactive emails, healing and consultation throughout the time frame. You must be committed to the ride and committed to YOU and your process throughout this time. Willingness to tune in and listen is crucial and respect for the way energies works also helps. This is a SOULFUL Service and ego must pretty much be parked at the door for it to succeed. Needless to say *stuff* comes up to clear during the process, and I am here to support you throughout the before, during and after the journey. The only requirement I have is that my clients surrender fully to the process; following all guidance, recommendations and instructions as they arise. This process is what guarantees the outcome for you. Prepare to suspend judgement and engage with the Mermaid Magic.

*TWIN FLAME service* ~

 Find your other half! 


IS it TIME to invest FULLY in LOVE? So many people are looking for LOVE and to make that special and lasting connection NOW. This wonderful, magical service connects you FULLY to the vibration and energy required to finally reel in and/or keep your special loved one. Many of us know who our Soul Mates are. But do we recognize our other half? Our Twin Flame? This is a new concept to many of you I am sure. But as time marches onwards at an increasing pace, and your opportunity for growth and spiritual evolution expands, it is time to get ready for the ride of your life. Your Twin Flame ~ True Soul Mate ~ awaits.  Each of us has between 6 to 12 Soul Mates ranging from siblings to spouses to teachers to lovers to friends. Our Soul Mates in this life are the people who support us and whom we are closely connected with. They probably have a lot in common with us and are always there for us, 

understanding, encouraging and sharing every step of the way. Our Soul Mates feel familiar to us and this is because more often than not we have had several life times together. In each life time we meet up again and replay our connections, sometimes more successfully than others. We cannot avoid our Soul Mates. Indeed our lives would be pretty empty and meaningless without them. These deep friendships and bonds are what makes life worthwhile. Together we always have the opportunity to transform ourselves and clear the karmas and controversies of previous times. The purpose of connecting with Soul Mates is to learn, share and grow together. We would find it hard to manage without them. Yet as our spirit develops and changes sometimes we are tested with a letting go process which can be quite difficult and painful. The good news is, these trials and difficulties often pave the way for the real humdinger of a connection – our reconciliation with our Twin Flame.

*In The Blink or Wink of an EYE* ~ 

If you need results FAST


In the Blink or Wink of an Eye everything can change. This is a MAGICAL service designed to set up your life changes in one fell swoop. It involves intense work for me, and a commitment from you to sit back and watch, observe, and listen! Sounds easy? Well, it is not as easy as it sounds as many of us do have quite strict ideas about what is acceptable. Expectations are the bug bear of us all. However, TRUST me in this situation and you will be very glad you did! I will do a short assessment reading for you at the beginning of our work together. Then you leave the rest with me. Though of course you are invited to email if you have any unusual shifts, experiences or questions. I am here to support you throughout the process. Though be aware that MAGIC happens in the STILLNESS and SILENCE of our connection. So TRUST is KEY. I look forward to helping you.  This service is an investment in your future, guaranteed to shake things up in a good way as quickly as is humanly possible. Put your safety belt on and prepare for some magical changes in a FAST pace of time.

Mother & Child


This service is a support for mother & child. I can help support you in your role as a mother in all it's phases and stages. If you need support, counsel or someone to look after YOU as you look after everyone else; then this is for you! Have you or a loved one just given birth? If so, you can avail of this healing and nurturing support for all the adjustments to come. We can work with each other if you are pregnant and need energy support, advice and guidance as you embark upon your journey to motherhood. I can also support the birthing process with healing energy. I am not promising complete pain relief for the birth. But this service can certainly go along way to help you in the throes of labour. I can also help you if you are desperately trying to conceive, with advice on the dates and methods that will give you your optimum chance of success. This includes briefing on when and how to proceed if you have been having some difficulties. I can help and support with the IVR process, and other processes which assist conception. I provide healing, support, guidance and advice and can pinpoint the optimum times and approaches that will help you. Mother & Child is guaranteed to help your flow in all things connected to your role as mother. It even has an application for adjustments later in life. This support can help as children flee the nest, as grandchildren come along, and with the bereavement and loss of a child also. Whatever your concerns, physical, emotional, spiritual or cognitive, I can help you on the wonderful journey of motherhood.

There is a sliding scale of costing for this service, depending on your needs. The price quoted below is for the standard pregnancy, conception, birthing and nurturing journey. It covers, support and advice and healing if you are trying to conceive also. If you need more comprehensive coverage email sarahdelamere@outlook.com for further information and we will sort out something specifically for your needs.  Please note this service is not a *spell* ~ it is a mixture of life coaching, spiritual support, emotional support, email support, energy work, homework, readings, and it is specifically shaped to the individual who makes the investment. The emphasis of the service depends on your needs and request.

DOLPHIN Depression Cure


Are you Depressed? I can offer you REAL help and excellent results with this service. I have a great record of clearing depression in clients. Sometimes quite long standing and deep depressions. So if you are in ANY way blue, or down, or melancholic or, God forbid, suicidal, please DO avail of this healing energy. I can help you quickly, effectively and powerfully by tuning into the power of the Dolphins. Dolphins have long been recognised as great healers of depression. Their light playful energy lifts the spirits, and brings an air of peace, comfort and reassurance. With Dolphin energy as well as some of my other healing techniques, I can put you well on the road to a full recovery. May the dark scourge of depression be forever banished from your life.


God Speed ~ 

SAFE Travels & Protection


Get safely to your destination. This service speaks for itself. Are you or a loved one going on a journey? It could be a trip across the world, a cruise, a road trip or a weekend jaunt on a train. Whatever it is this service will assist your energy levels for the duration of the journey, your time away and your return to base. Overall this Travel Protection gets you there and back in a hassle free way. You should find your journey is less stressful overall, traffic moves steadily, weather reports are favourable and airport queues move more swiftly.  This service will ensure your protection and safe arrival there and back. God Speed! 

Karmic Justice & Balance 


Has someone been mean, judgemental, bullying, ,defamatory or intimidating recently? Then do consider my service which will bring peace and karmic balance to the proceedings. This is not a retribution service, it is work done with love and compassion. But there is certainly a sense of justice to it. It is not a case that the perpetrators will *get theirs*. BUT it is a case you will be released from their projections, barbs, ill-will and targeted BS. This is more a case of return to sender ... but with LOVE, pixie bells and sparkle dust....  Find this cleansing, peaceful option for your life here.  Now I know you may not wish the source of your persecutions every blessing in the world, and it can be painful to be the *victim* of such behaviour in others. The point is .. do not BE the victim. Reclaim your power with this service, and allow G-d and the universe to sort things out. This service helps to to forgive and forget and release ill will once and for all, with the assurance that the person or people involved will have to deal with a balancing of the negative energies they projected in your direction. NB) this is not a spell. It is a blessing, a protection and a cleansing service. Most importantly it is a karmic justice service. *Do as you would be done by* is the bottom line way to function best in this world. So engage with this work with a clear conscience and your best intentions to do right by yourself and others.  This might seem to be a strange way of taking responsibility for what was done TO you. But it is better to do something like this than to fester and stew in the juices of someone else's agenda or issues. Claim your freedom now!

The Chalice Well Services ~ 



Receive a customised individual healing at the world legendary Chalice Well in Glastonbury ~ The Chalice Well is richly connected to the mythical realm of Avalon, and links energetically to Merlin, and King Arthur. Whether you are needing a physical, emotional healing or a specific *Desired Outcome*, this service is a powerful and unique opportunity. Access your Transformational Mermaid Magic in the location where Joseph of Arimathea brought the Holy Grail to Avalon (Glastonbury). This part of the Somerset countryside is steeped in mythology, legend and history. It is where powerful ley- lines converge, and where the special Holy Waters of the Chalice Well may be found. Merlin energy swirls up on the famous Tor, and The Abbey links directly to the mythology of King Arthur and Camelot. Mystical Magic abounds in this magical place. This service will be automagically added for anyone purchasing packages and other services elsewhere on the web site, .and it is for those who need specific boosts in the areas of love, finance, career, health, or Karmic Klearings, there are increments available for 444.(I will negotiate discounts for any one purchasing more than three increments). Each place, The Tor, The Chalice Well, and The Abbey offers different energy solutions for your issue, so use your intuition to assess your needs. Allow Glastonbury and The Chalice Well to finally clear away anything which ails or troubles you, These energies can also be used to manifest something which you now need to bring into your life. 

Magic Mermaid Holiday Tree 



Mermaid Minkly Magical Blessings Tree 2023. Have a MAGIC Twinkly Minkly Mermaid Holiday Season. Every Holiday Season I open up my Magic Tree - You are invited to have your wishes, requests, prayers & "Manifestations" hidden in The Tree. I am now taking orders for The New Year 2023.  What do you wish for and desire for 2023? #Halloween #AllSaintsday #thanksgiving #advent #christmas #hanukkah #newyear2023 Have a MAGIC Twinkly MInkly Mermaid holiday season. You are all invited to have your wishes, requests, prayers and gifts under this tree. Request your holiday blessings and 2023 wishes. from the magical tree. What do you most desire at this time? And for 2023? This year more than ever we need to make it count. ** I can do deals on multiple elements  One year when I lived in a barn in Porlock the ten foot tree -  The Magic Tree - stayed alive until the end of June, following the previous Christmas!  -Yes really!  You are welcome to leave World Wide Wishes for a small donation through the donation link above or on the home page

The Wishing Stone


Cast your cares upon the Wishing Stone! This service is completely unique as it requires me to work energetically with a very distinctive magical site in Ireland. This is a very popular service so book early to avoid disappointment. I only take on a specific amount of wishes per week to make the energy really FOCUSED for the client.  The Wishing Stone on Killiney Hill is famous locally. To make a wish, you have to walk anti-clockwise around the pyramid from bottom to top using the intermediary steps to progress up to the next level. The stones came from nearby Dalkey Quarry and they are graduated, with a small stone on top big enough for one person to stand on. You are supposed to walk around each level, progressing to the top, then stepping onto the last stone and making a wish!  Appropriately close to *The Witch's Hat*, the energy of The Wishing Stone pyramid is powerful. I do not actually have to do the walk around the stone to connect with the energies. I know the area so well, that the connection is just naturally there for me. I work as guided for you and your request is sent out to the ethers yielding powerful results. Cast your cares upon this stone and allow me to work to heal and transform your situation. This service requires a very directed and focused wish. I have to be paid PER WISH as quite a bit of work is involved with each request. You can make a wish on behalf of loved ones also. 


business deals, consults 

& professional needs


The Price of this Package is revealed through an email or telephone enquiry only and settled individually depending on client needs and requirements and goals  --- You can pay a DEPOSIT through the donation link above or on home page  ~ VIP DEALS ~ Includes full 'remote' days with me (or half days as required).  This is an exclusive opportunity to get one on one consultations with me, and to invest in working with me for a number of months at distance on deals, topics and goals of importance to you.  NB) THE CONSULTATIONS CAN TAKE PLACE ON SKYPE ~ psychicsarah1 or on the phone.  TIME ZONE DIFFERENCES ARE NOT A PROBLEM - All the work is currently done remotely and there is no need to reveal identity or talk directly with me if you do not wish to. the results still happen! This is is a very useful consultation service if you have high end business issues to negotiate, and can be extended for use over time if required.  I have been extensively used by a number of Hollywood Actors and Business Leaders, as well as High Profile Music Moguls and Performers. I also have Professional Sports People amongst my clientele, as well as Professional Writers and TV Personalities.  NB) ACCURATE Sporting Tips are on offer as a bit of fun. BUT essentially this is a serious opportunity to sort out your concerns and to experience amazing, magical healing and guidance from me.  If all expenses are paid, and enough notice given, I am able to meet with you any where in the world or alternatively you can come to my location if you choose to do so.  I have an excellent track record of professionalism and accuracy. You can be assured you will be getting the BEST possible advice and healing opportunity when you avail of this service.  WHATEVER your concerns and field of speciality I can apply my skills and help you.  Discretion is GUARANTEED and I will sign a confidentiality agreement if needs be.



The Price of this Package is by negotiation and is variable depending on your requirements over time. You can pay the deposit through the link below. Then email me sarahdelamere@outlook.com to discuss a framework of *operations*.  $8888 is the Mermaid Magic which boosts your business and aligns your energy with abundance. IN some cases this can be modified to be the full price of the package. But for long term work investments of several payments can be negotiated; depending on your needs and requirements. This is a top VIP PREMIUM service for the most discriminating individual who desires the ABSOLUTE BEST psychic advice, readings, and healings with TOP PRIORITY VIP ACCESS to one of the world’s most renowned psychics 24/7. You can have 12 months of UNLIMITED access to accurate guidance, predictive readings, spiritual advice, astrology, and healings, with a direct phone number to call in at any time you desire, as well as an on going supportive email service. The questions and issues we cover are unrestricted in number and content. You will have the best most accurate, unlimited psychic services at your fingertips anytime you require.  This service is perfect for anyone who demands exclusive service of the highest quality; the best that money can buy. All services are specifically tailored to your needs and schedule. Business executives and entrepreneurs are guaranteed to find a return on their investment. The psychic and astrological advice offered enhance opportunities and profitability. But these services are of the highest value for non financial circumstances also, for those requiring healing, emotional support and life improvement.

This all inclusive service provides my full range of services in ONE premium package. IF you are a CEO of a big company you can use this service for immediate consultations about important decisions. If you are a gambler, you can use this service for up to the minute tips. If you have a difficult medical complaint or emotional issue you can avail of this service at any time you need. This service has as many individual applications as you can think of. Basically this service allows you to carry me around in your pocket for a long stretch of time. And needless to say the energy connection ensures that you get magical, creative and curious breakthroughs throughout the set time frame and beyond. Oddly you can also retain your anonymity with this service by communicating remotely and the results will still happen for you. This service is an investment in YOU, your company or your on going concerns. When you have purchased this product email sarahdelamere@outlook.com for further information +353894249254 or +447535172629  Skype ~ psychicsarah1

Email or Chat Readings 

175 or 333 or 2222 or 8888

There are various options with Email or chat services. The shorter email reading is quick and easy if you have one or two specific questions you need pointed answers to. This service can be used for written guidance on a whole range of subjects as well as specific prediction requests linked to one or two issues. The comprehensive email reading is more detailed and you can ask more questions or no questions. Either way you will receive the information you need at this particular time. I need several days to complete such a reading as it takes a lot of tuning in and thought to present the information in the correct way. The larger payment allows for email exchanegs 24/7 for longer stretches of time as we mutually agree.  (weeks, and months depending on your need). I generally invite an interchange when readings are complete to clear up any outstanging issues or questions once the email is received. This is done by email or chat exchange, or by a short phone session. The comprehensive email service available which can project far into your future, so like voice readings it is very comprehensive, and answers all your concerns and questions.

It does also create the energy link between us which aids manifestations. sarahdelamere@outlook.com

Candle Magic -

 Amazing Results


This is a wonderful way to avail of

Mermaid Magic. Be careful what you wish for - these services work like a charm


I will work with your chosen request or need to bring about a speedy result for you.

You can choose more than one item below but each increment costs 222

Choose from issues such as

- Find Love

- Boost Finances

- Healing (physical, emotional, spiritual, )

- Keep and/or Heal a Relationship

- Protection (from evil, jealous people or unreasonable authority figures, or use to stop bullying)

- Enhance your Sex Life

- Expand Abundance

- Bring Adventure

- Lift Depression

- Get a job

etc - The applications of this service are endless really

Once you have chosen your request, you can email me -

(I will automatically email you or call you when I see the sale within a few hours)


We can negotiate if you are purchasing several of these and I can do a bundle rate for you

eg) 3 requests is 444,

7 requests is 777 -

A small family rate of 2 requests each is 999

A group rate requires a payment of 222 per person - but each person may make 3 requests

Pay these bundle amounts through the donation button at the top of the page

and specify the intention by email

You will be sent a picture of your candle as it is being used

so that you can better connect to the process with a visual!  

Energy Shift & Healing


A good one-off investment.

You or a loved one receives a Powerful Healing & Energy Boost

Pay through pay pal using email sarahdelamere@outlook.com

or use the donation button above or on home page.

The energy starts to connect and work as soon as you pay.

For further info Email sarahdelamere@outlook.com

or phone +353894249254 or +447535172629 and leave message.

I will be in contact promptly after payment

Finding a Happy Medium 

Need to contact someone in the big wide yonder?

222 or 444

Do you wish to make contact with a loved one who has passed on? Or are you curious what your ancestors may have to say? More seriously if you are grieving and suffering the loss of a loved one, then this service can help bring you comfort and healing, providing the information you may need to support you. With this service I can help you find peace and reassurance about your loved ones in spirit, and we can see if they have any messages to help you in the here and now. Send a photograph if possible of the person you wish to contact. This is not essential, a name or date of birth will also work. Even these are not 100% necessary.

I can make the contact regardless: and it will be all you need to hear. If you have no one in particular you wish to contact but want to see what *Spirit* may have to say, then this service is also for you. These readings are generally an hour long - the information can be sent by Email if that is easier. If a more comprehensive Email written is required the price is 444. For more information sarahdelamere@outlook.com

The Ultimate GIFT Basket

Here is HOW TO GET well over $8,000 OF READINGS, SESSIONS AND HEALINGS FOR ONLY $5555 ~ This special GIFT package deal includes two 60 minute sessions, four 30 minute sessions, Absent Healing DAILY for the duration of the connection, plus two 20 minute bullet point readings, Q & A Emails as required. Plus the special *Desired Outcome* service. All at mutually agreed times. You also receive a powerful healing every time we connect. For a total cost of $8888 you can also avail of many additional self selected options eg) Glastonbury, The Wishing Stone, Druid's Chair and Wizard's Hat services; and we can apply these to specific needs as they arise. These services involve work at powerful energy points which will boost you and bring miraculous out of the blue results. Plus the Heart Wall Removal will be included in this boost package option; for you AND loved ones as required. ...Including these additions freely over the months potentially boosts the cost of your package up to the value of at least $15,000 over the weeks and months. We can easily negotiate other variables also. (The sessions should ideally be used within a few months, as there is also an Ultimate World Package available for working with me for over a year - prices by negotiation and depending on your desired results. This is the ULTIMATE PSYCHIC GIFT package which will greatly facilitate your life journey over a few months. Or you can be super generous and buy this for a loved one. It is also possible to use some of the services for loved ones, even when you purchase the package for yourself. Packages are open to some modification to suit your requirements as we roll through our work together. Email sarahdelamere@outlook.com for further information

Between Two Worlds ~

Connecting With The Other Side

This *Between Two Worlds* service can help you a lot if you are wishing to connect with a loved one who has passed on. I can help you connect with a beloved pet, or deceased friend, or relative. Even if you do not have anyone close to you in Spirit, this service can help you receive messages from your team of Spirit Guides, Angelic Messengers, and Ascended Masters on *the other side.* I can help you make a strong connection, and tune into the messages you are meant to hear at this time. Do you need some peace and comfort? Is there anything you need to say to your loved ones, or anything you need to hear and understand from their perspective? Do you wish to hear from your favourite pet who crossed 'The Rainbow Bridge?'


Grieving is such a personal process but I can help you assimilate some of your emotions, reactions and messages. I can help you make sense of things at a highly emotive time. If you need closure, information or reassurance, this would be the service for you. An hour is recommended for this service, though I could get some information for you in thirty minutes, the energy of this process and session really requires an hour's consultation. Some people may wish to book a few sessions for a series of connections with loved ones, and this can be negotiated by emailing me direct at sarahdelamere@outlook.com for some discounts and deals. For example if a family needed a group consultation I would not charge each individual the same fee as one person for an hour. If you have any reason or need to negotiate a deal, do not hesitate to get in contact with me. This is not supposed to be a stressful thing for you. 

My mission is to bring you reassurance and peace of mind at a very difficult time.


Connect With Your Loved Ones and Spirit Guides. 

Allow Spirit to enable you in this life.

With the perspective of Eternity,

loved ones wish to help, connect, and reassure.

Watch for the signs in your daily life.

Love is but a breath away...

What Happens?

When someone dies they leave their body behind and their spirit, soul, consciousness, or energy lives on. They move to another plane of existence that is not visible to us here in this dimension. Obviously they leave behind the physical experience of living in the five senses. But they can still use these senses to communicate with us, providing visual signs, taste, smell or physical manifestations to make us aware of their presence. It is totally possible to communicate with your loved ones once they have passed. All you have to do is ask for a sign, or physically TALK to them. They will hear you, and then very frequently will provide an unmistakable signal that only you will understand. You may find that when a loved one first passes you feel completely lost and devoid of their physical presence. It is the finality of death that is so shocking. Our grief is an important process and we must not try to deny or squash our grief. But when spirits reach the other side they are aware of the emotional impact their passing causes their loved ones. So many will try to send back a message that they are okay. 

Signs can include flickering lights, pictures hanging on the wall that get skewed or fall altogether, disruptions with your electronic systems, animals going a little twitchy because they can see the spirit, finding pennies, finding feathers, odd interactions with butterflies or birds, familiar smells associated with your deceased loved one, special songs coming on the radio, and many more. This is comforting to many. But sometimes it is difficult to make the connection and this is where a professional medium can be so important. Communicating in a two way process with someone who has passed on is like asking a gardener to perform brain surgery. Sometimes it is advisable to call in the professionals. An objective stranger bringing through messages from people they do not even know provides compelling evidence of the continued existence of life beyond the grave. The professional is shown pictures, and is given information of things they could not possibly know, and this can be a great comfort. If you wish to hear from your loved ones I can help you in this way, so do contact me and we will sort out what is best for you in this moment. You may not be able to get a two way link with your loved ones in the same way a medium can. But you can absolutely communicate with your loved ones. Just talk to them out loud or link with them telepathically. Think about them, their energy and the quality of your connection. Deeply feel your love for them. This will feel familiar to them and to you and establishes a link which they can use to then send you a message or a sign.

A very common way for spirits to communicate with their loved ones is through dreams. If you have a dream that your loved one comes to you and gives you a message, it often feels very real, very clear, and like you really were talking to them. I believe 100% that these are real communications. Dreams are the one time and place where your ego and objective mind are relaxed and you believe anything is possible. Your vibration is high and you are open for anything. Spirits can more easily reach your subconscious mind than the clutter of your conscious mind. So be on the lookout for messages in your dreams. Whether or not you are able to initiate direct communication with a deceased loved one, please know that they are with you, can hear you, and still love you. And of course, they are okay. With the perspective of Eternity they are okay, but you may not be. So do please avail of this service if you are suffering in anyway at the loss of a loved one.  

Connecting with loved ones ~ Many Mediums will tune in and say to you *I'm getting a *P* name ~ is that Peter, Patrick, Paul? With my work I GET THE ACTUAL NAME, place, person. If I say to you who is *Paul* I KNOW it will be relevant. You may say *well there is a Peter,* and I will say *NO Paul* lol! And then you will remember!! This is how it works, and the information is of use and depth. A lot of advice, reassurance, and guidance comes through for you. So if you want to connect with a loved one (pet or person) in Spirit, then will work for you. There is a healing and energetic warm hug that comes with this service, and you will feel more peace and resolution, after such a connection with your loved ones.  

Always remember, what comes forward for you in a reading is what you need to hear in that moment ~ NB) I NEVER ever google someone before I read for them. NEVER. Any psychic will tell you this is actually a confusing and misleading thing to do !! One HAS to trust the information that comes through DIRECT from the heavens.

The Pot of Gold

Manifesting Money, Magnificence, and Magic

Want some Money, magnificence and Magic in your life?

Mermaid Magic can help you.

This service will energetically clear the blocks in your way, metaphorically and literally. Much old *Stuff and gunk* resides in your unconscious, and in moments where life is not flowing and abundant these need to be addressed. I can work to help you clear the unnecessary funks which restrict your flow and prosperity. 

Mermaids are good at Chasing Rainbows, and excellent at finding the Pot of Gold at the end of them!

Allow me to help you with some practical advice and money management too. We will accommodate the work to your needs. When I connect with you, I will assess the priorities and you will make your requests. We will look at what is apparently in your way, and we will deal with it and knock it OUT of the way.

I can help you manifest more abundance in your life in all ways ~ Financially, Emotionally, Spiritually.

To deal with the negative money stuff, it is important to ask yourself what are your beliefs about money? Do you have limiting beliefs and a poverty consciousness you have inherited from your parents, or ancestors? Are you one of those people who reads their electricity meter incessantly and panics when there is a bill to pay? Money responds to gratitude, just like anything else. So what about a new approach of appreciation for warmth, water, and a roof over our heads? What about paying for things freely with trust and reminding ourselves that we have always had enough to get by? When you think about it, has money ever really let you down? Has it not always been there just when you needed it, even if it did turn up at the last minute?

Did you know that one of the best ways to accumulate funds is to GIVE freely, to tithe your income and to ENJOY actually paying the bills. Money comes back to you when you freely spend. This is the energy we need to connect with in order to help the economy too. Why not support your local businesses, even if they are a little more expensive? The Universe honours our approach to money. Like attracts like; and this principle applies to money most especially.

Why not get into a magical groove with money? Always have 10 dollars in your pocket for a homeless person you may pass on the street. Do not give to them out of pity or judgement. Give to them as an equal. Connect with their divine nature and give your money freely. What is also KEY is the block many of us have on RECEIVING

The block so many of us have on receiving is highly significant. We may feel it is 'better to give than receive'.

We need to be aware that all the limiting beliefs we absorbed as a child now lurk in our unconscious tripping us up. It is these negative expectations and limiting beliefs which block our abundance and prosperity. Regardless of any new legislation the Dail may or may not introduce, we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to money.

Did you many people become millionaires in recession? It is just a matter of tapping into the market and tapping into YOU, to access the many gifts and treasures which are out there for you.

Why can't money be your friend? Come to you easily and look after you?

The good news is it can!

Let Mermaid Magic help you on this one

Don't *believe* in Mermaid Magic? 

It matters not ~ it works regardless... 

I even give you magic numbers resonant with your energy to play with responsibly! 

**** The Posts below are 'thoughts' and information to get you in the mood to assess if working with Mermaid Magic is for you. 

They also contain useful practises and perspectives you should find helpful even if you decide not to work with the energies provided by 'Mermaid Magic'.... ****

Destiny Moment?

Sometimes 'SPIRIT' CAN BE SPOOKY, and we resist what is staring us in the face. Sure, we have free will independence and freedom of choice. Or do we? This is the burning question. Is our destiny pretty much set in stone; preordained by God and our chosen life plan ? I believe so yes! The onus is on us to respond and embrace our destiny as it presents to us. When we run away, God and life will find us anyway, so there is really no point in resisting the inevitable. Resistance can be detrimental and only throws us into a repetitious loop where the old patterns go around and around in circles. When we resist we get no where; we are heading no where. We become led by our ego not guided by the light and God s plan for our lives. It is much more productive to say 'yes 'and surrender to the moment and basically give God and life a chance to happen. This does not mean we have no control. Of course we can always say ' no 'and hold onto our interpretation of the past and how we think we should be compensated. Our expectations are a killer....: Sometimes literally! So what is the answer when we find the way clear to go one way or another? Even though oftentimes the choice is apparently not clear. Generally the best way is to work with the universe as it presents things to us. These *things* can be open doors or red herrings but we so owe it to ourselves to find out which is which and what is what. Never ignore what is presenting to you on a daily basis. There will either be a karmic reason for it, which allows you to finally balance things. Or there will be an amazing resolution and peace of mind. Usually it is a strange mixture of the two. But we really hold ourselves up and what can happen when we remain stuck over a person, place or situation. Sometimes the only way through is up, over and out the other side. Things won't fall into our lap at this time.*You've got to be in it to win it * . We must be responsive and proactive and not retreat from resolution. Be assured this is a good time for responding and embracing the future FULLY. Facilitate action and luck NOW. Perhaps new openings that look the same as they always did but with a twist. At this time do not be afraid to step into something that promises to be different. There is something comforting about what is familiar but it is time to breakthrough the comfort zone of the uncomfortable familiar. The familiar may well constitute the future. But with a different flavour. It is all about our ability to fully receive. Guidance can be asked for and then not fully received. A psychic often meets this, where someone asks for a particular response and is then unnerved by the answer. This happens both when it is want you want to hear and when it is not. So knowledge of the future is a strange and mixed blessing and with it comes responsibility. Responsibility to the person asking and of course to the person giving the information. Yes it is unnerving and disconcerting in many ways. But obviously predicting can be useful as well. Just be careful what you ask for because you just might get the answer. And THEN what? Are you struggling over an investment issue, relationship dilemma, career or financial crisis? If you need help with this complex stuff I can help... 

A New Reality? 

Are you looking for CALMER, centred action? Access openings for clarity, focus and resolution. Are you going to review and renew or ditch, dig and dive? Might I suggest a weird and wonderful mixture of the two? Take this time to calmly assess even as you trust the universal magic which abounds. There is not the same need for practical pragmatism. Be receptive to your SOUL journey and the promise it holds. Remember the effective universal short cut of TRUST. Gambles are set to pay off and pay out; but only if we are clear and calm and have learned our lessons. We are human and sometimes we can only take on board so much. Our egos get in the way and we become limited and small in our thinking in an attempt to control things. It is TIME to FULLY embrace our Divinity along with our humanity; then the breakthroughs can happen. Much is now in place and set up and if you have been responsive, trusting and receptive against the odds this will now begin to manifest unusual and magical things. Sometimes lessons learned equate to blessings received. It is not all doom and gloom; especially not if you have done your home work and been attentive. 

So .... Read the signs, respond in kind and TAKE what is on offer .... Most crucially this means settling on ONE DIRECTION 

End Point?

More often than not the last thing we wanna do is the first thing we should or MUST do!  

The Universe will push and pull on the same point 'til we GET the point.

God is LOVE and he/she/Universe knows how much we can cope with. However, when there is a lesson we simply must GET we leave him /her/ Universe with no choice but to exercise TOUGH Love because of our resistance. Tough Love is well: TOUGH. 

But until we understand what must BE for our life to flow it is what we will meet Time and Time again. 

We think we know best? We generally do NOT. The Soul Journey can be one step forward and two back while we are in resistance. As soon as we GET it the flood gates can open and every good thing is there on a plate. So we must watch listen learn and take the bitter pill; abundance can then be ours to MAX. But there simply is NO bargaining point on the way things should be. The more we resist what we KNOW already in our HEARTS to be the TRUTH...the more tricky the lessons will become until we ACCEPT AND SURRENDER to the point. God/The Universe KNOWS what will work for our best good. Karma is complex and we can not pretend to understand the mysteries or what is required. Our obligation is to RECEIVE the message(S) and ACT accordingly. Then and only then will all manner of things be well. Sometimes God/The Universe tests our TRUST quotient by requiring us to take a step in what is APPARENTLY the wrong direction. More often than not this turns out to be the most powerful action we could take. When this happens it is a lesson for our ego. There is NO place for the ego on a high vibrational SOUL JOURNEY. We simply HAVE to take the QUANTUM LEAP to get to where we are meant to be. The beauty of this is, it is in fact a SHORT CUT to everything we wish for. But the POINT is, it doesn't look like it at the time. So CHOOSE LIFE #unblocktheflow ... It may be painful but sometimes you simply HAVE to cauterize the wound in order to receive the blessings. If you need help with this complex stuff I don't pretend to have all the answers but I can help you. Check out My KARMIC KRUNCH and DESIRED OUTCOME services 

The higher your vibration; the higher access you have to the Spirit realms and heavenly assistance ..... It pays to Lighten up .... Check out my Karmic Krunch service which will help clear your way for better, lighter, brighter times - 

Karmic Krunch ~ This weird and wonderful service which, although it might sound a bit woo hoo, is actually very matter of fact grounded and yields concrete results. Are you in a situation where you feel stuck, or conditions remain unfavourable and unresolved?. If so, more than likely you are in a KARMIC RUT which needs an energetic breakthrough and lift. You may well be suffering from a core soul wound which whatever you do does not heal. Situations and patterns keep playing on a loop and you feel frustrated like there is no way forward. The Karmic Krunch service is a bit like boot camp for spiritual warriors (and worriers). It is related but different to my service *DESIRED OUTCOME (which you may want to book simultaneously). This service is based on TRUST and appeals largely to spiritual people who *get* what it is about. But it really is for EVERYBODY, as long as you are open to what may develop and come from what will inevitably be a QUANTUM LEAP in your life and circumstances. 

The question is: do you dare? 

Karmic Krunch involves an energetic connection with 'Mermaid Magic' for a number of weeks, with interactive emails, healing and consultation throughout the time frame. You must be committed to the ride and committed to YOU and your process throughout this time. Willingness to tune in and listen is crucial and respect for the way energies works also helps. This is a SOULFUL Service and ego must pretty much be parked at the door for it to succeed. Needless to say *stuff* comes up to clear during the process, and I am here to support you throughout the before, during and after the journey.

Do you feel blocked? frustrated? thwarted? On the wrong track and not sure how to unstick what is stuck? I may well be able to help or at least offer pertinent guidance.  With complex situations there are no hard and fast answers. Err..... well actually that is not true. Generally when you are meeting a sticking point repeatedly, it means there is an issue you have ready to POP! The easy part is sensing and analysing the *mess*. The intermediate part is identifying a possible plan or plans of action, and the tricky part is carrying it all through to fruition; the reason being where these patterns are persistent we are often in resistance.

The KEY to a turnaround in stuck situations is a shift of energy and this can occur in different ways. You can go *walkabout* and wander down numerous blind alleys; you can analyse things into further complexity and confusion, or you can tackle things head on and force the point. Forcing the point will bring clarity one way or another and this is often what we do when we are desperate or annoyed with God, ourselves and the Universe. Yes, forcing the point can work. There is often a relief and peace of mind when we push something so far away it has no come back opportunity. However, this ultimately only delays the lessons, blessings and karma we are processing. It is deceptive. When we push and push and push we are not exercising patience, we are not surrendering to God/The Universe and we are not creating the DIVINE VACCUM OF OPPORTUNITY which is so often needed in order for REAL AUTHE​NTIC change to happen. Yes, it helps if we are intelligent, self aware and responsible for ourselves of course. But even these admirable qualities can get us stuck in a pragmatic loop where we deceive ourselves we just might be in control. Really, much of what we come up with under our own steam is ego stuff. We are pushing to understand, resolve and get on with things and it all adds up to impatience. The Spiritual Soul journey requires the leap of faith... the QUANTUM LEAP. This asks us to set aside our wishes and expectations and the way we believe things should pan out. It does not mean we can not be creative with our lives or proactive. But in those moments where we are truly at an impasse, really the only thing to do is TRUST, ALLOW and RECEIVE. It is apparently so easy, and yet at the same time so difficult. If we surrender the point instead of trying to work things out all the time, yes it may feel like we might miss something; a big chance which leads to all the *what ifs and if onlys*. But the REALITY is; when we step aside, we give the energy of the situation that valuable opportunity to act on our behalf. The Universe does not like a vacuum and neither do we (which is why we do get so impatient about endless waiting). But the BEAUTY of TRUST and allowing is that the energy is allowed a chance to breathe and YOU are allowed a chance to be finally receptive to the miracles that occur in 


When we are in this *receiving* zone, our spiritual levels elevate, our vibration soars, and we have access to a whole spiritual armoury. The higher levels of consciousness and higher echelons of spiritual guidance match our frequency and things flow. This is the ZEN ZONE which is so MAGICAL. Some believe this can not last or be sustained; actually it CAN. It is all about our relationship to Spirit/God/the Universe. The BIG question is how creative and trusting are we willing to be? Creativity and self responsibility does not here equate to control and pragmatism. It is not about sitting back on our laurels. We DO have to be primed to respond to the triggers and the clues. But in this magical zone we are ONE with the Universe. We KNOW how it goes. 

Yes there can be a (sometimes demoralising) ebb and flow as we get used to working with the higher frequencies. These are the lessons and the tests. But soon enough (if we are willing to get back in the saddle) we can cruise into and sustain a peace which is in itself an art form. Then come the blessings. 

The catch? We HAVE to get the point and honour the Divine PLan. We have to park our own plans, expectations and beliefs; even as the best things of life are lined up for us to receive. Much of Universal Truth functions within a paradox...when we *get* this point, balance is ours and life can truly deliver; often in the ways we least expect and crucially WHEN we least expect. 

When we surrender to the *lap of the gods* we are potentially doing one of two things ~ either we have given up and are entrenched and refusing to co operate because what we want is not being delivered ( ego stuff) OR ... we are confident, trusting and receptive, ready to act and respond at a moment's notice. These are the two sides of the same coin of *Surrender*. The Yin and The Yang of our existence. So which is it to be the High Way or the By Way? YOU DECIDE ... 

Is your personality going to be your undoing; or are you going to allow your DIVINE SELF TO SHINE THROUGH?