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Services include: Editing; 'Ghost' Writing; Rewrites; Concept Ideas; 

Book Development; Republishing; Researching; Articles; Proof reading etc   

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Credentials: I have BA Hons. in English, Philosophy, and Religious Studies; 

an Msc. in Modernism and Post Modernism from Edinburgh University;

 and an M.Phil. in Publishing from Stirling University;

- plus 5 years of Phd studies in Philiosphy at UCD in Dublin (finishing this independently)

I have published many successful books in hard copy, paperback and e book form. 

I have also ‘been’ published a lot and so know the #biz from both sides of the coin. 

Either way is good and I can help on your journey with either route...

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by Sarah Delamere Hurding

This fun, informative, fast-moving and comprehensive memoir has many layers to beguile, amuse and entice you.

Sarah De La Mer was a hostess at U2's nightclub, The Kitchen for many years. Mermaid in The Kitchen charts Sarah's rite of passage from young intuitive, via three academic degrees, to feted status as a world renowned celebrity psychic. 

Scan the pages of this fishy tale for celebrity encounters, illicit adventures, star-crossed romances, psychic development, & lashings of Mermaid Magic. Sarah shows you how to develop your intuition & harness the power of Synchronicity. Cosmic tips abound throughout this magical story. Add another dimension to your life & enter the world of The Mermaid. 

Mermaid in The Kitchen is Sarah's story. You could not make it up if you tried. This mermaidy adventure has many interesting sub plots, and a lot of fun celebrity detail. The tag of "Mermaid" has followed Sarah throughout her life. Mermaid in The Kitchen is not just about Hollywood stars and rock bands. It also charts an honest and empathetic, challenging journey, that many people will relate to. Domestic abuse is covered, along with tricky subjects like depression, personal relationships, financial difficulties, leaving home...


Mermaid In The Kitchen is entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking. The impulse of publishing this raw, revealing story is to HELP people, as well as hopefully inspire them. Mermaid in The Kitchen is a page turner. 

Meet The Bridget Jones of the Spiritual World! 


Simon Cowell & Louis Walsh of The X Factor, acknowledged Sarah as

"The woman who knows everything." 

Ashton Kutcher, on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, stated that 

"Psychic Sarah is right on point." 

While Bono of U2, composed her an impromtu ditty, dancing around Dalkey car park! 

"Her name is Sarah, and she drives a blue car.

You'd like to get to know her, 'cos she is A STAR!"


Mermaid in The Kitchen is raw, personal and revealing. It recounts an honest and empathetic rite of passage journey, that many people will relate to. In the book Sarah covers many challenges, adventures, and trials that will sound familiar.

The story demonstrates her resourcefulness and tenacity in the face of life's challenges.

Sarah's sense of humour, and spiritual perspectives in the face of such tribulation is a gift. This story is not sugar-coated or sanitized. The book is transparent, conveying rich adventures, which are not so much "love and light," as "how the hell did she survive all that?" Situations that would have defeated many, are depicted in a self-depreciating manner; while her spiritual development is reflected throughout. Sarah's perspectives on cosmic truths are enlivening, and practical. 

The aim of the book is to help, amuse, horrify and inspire in equal measure. 

Mermaid in The Kitchen is a page turner. 

If you are a skeptic about the spiritual world, you will still find Mermaid in The Kitchen a good read. It is well written with humour and pragmatism. Some of the stories and perspectives might sound a bit far-fetched, but they all happened, and are validated. There is nothing as powerful as The Truth, and Sarah here presents life's oddities in a refreshingly honest way. Written from the heart, Sarah's tale will touch your soul, and hopefully leave you with a smile on your face... 

Sarah is a regularly published writer in Ireland, Europe and the USA.

Her work in the metaphysical and spiritual community is known world wide. 

One of Ireland's best known mystics, Sarah is a recognised seer, healer, and life coach. 

Scan the pages of this fishy tale for celebrity encounters, illicit adventures,

star-crossed romances, psychic development, and lashings of  

Set in 13th Century Scotland and France and 20th Century Scotland and Ireland. The Holy Grail is two novels in one. A myriad of connecting stories-within-stories. There are echoes, patterns and overlapping themes. Sari and Sarah are mysteriously connected by the magical Sangreal lineage. Sari is compelled to reach The Cathars in France to complete her destiny. There are countless delays to her journey and intriguing interventions of fate. As the modern timeline intercepts the action, the reader is left with a riddle to solve. Is this the same life pattern on repeat in a different century? Set in Scotland, Ireland, and France, Celtic energy pervades the action. If you like adventure, romance, sex, and history this gripping storyline is for you. Who or what is The Holy Grail?"

A Magical Mystical Mystery!" 

The Holy Grail is a book which fits into several categories, including broad appeal general fiction. It is primarily a historical romance. Beginning 1242 to 1244, and ending 1982 to 2022, the book covers two timelines in four parts. The thirteenth century part is more direct re plot and characters, and the modern part is a multi-layered rollercoaster. There are echoes, patterns and overlapping themes between the eras, and the premise is that the heroine could be the same Soul. Are Sari and Sarah one and the same, or do they just have a similar life-path in completely different centuries? The subplots are complex, and the curious parallels in the lives of Sari and Sarah are many. The reader can experience the implications of this at the level they choose. Not much suspension of judgement is required. It is all very plausible. But compelling. There is accurate historical content, and detailed geographical description throughout. The sense of place is strong, giving a backdrop 'foil' to the main characters, who are very connected to nature and animals in both timelines. This is a historical novel, for those who like a bit of meat-on-their-bones. 

Spiritual, but also matter of fact and pragmatic, with an underlying sexy tone, The Holy Grail revisits the legend of The Grail from a completely new perspective. With a unique approach to a popular legend, the heroine reveals what it might be like to be the living embodiment of The Mary Magdalene Lineage. Le Sang Real. The author also gives answers to some of the mysteries which have been glossed over. The Holy Grail is presented in a matter-of-fact way with an accurate historical timeline. The subject may appear to be slightly fantastical, but the aim of the book is to demonstrate that it is not. This could in fact be true! The first part of the novel introduces Sari and her father. Their relationship is explored. Her character, "mission," and past are presented. We find out who she is, how she got here, and what her intentions are. Her love interest is Ronan, who she works with, avoids, loves, has sex with. For a while they dance around each other. But Sari must journey to France and Ronan's father intervenes to separate them. A manipulation which spectacularly backfires. The modern part of the book is set largely in Scotland and Ireland, ending in Cornwall. The Thirteenth century part runs between Scotland, France, and ends in Montségur. If you like adventure, romance, sex, history, and a gripping story line this is for you. Where is The Holy Grail? This book makes some suggestions based in a historically accurate context ....

Without being pretentious this book allows for an exploration of many spiritual and theological beliefs in a grounded context and manages to tease out some answers too. There is a sensuous feel to The Holy Grail, one that should keep readers rifted even if they are not quite au fait with the esoteric elements. What is unique about this book is that the etheric realms and shamanic ways of working with the supernatural are implicitly explained in believable ways. The information is normalised, made accessible, and relevant to our times. The Holy Grail displays unique wisdom that may transform your opinion on some important matters. But the reader does not have to go this deep unless they choose to. The Holy Grail can also be enjoyed as an adventure and romance.

The writer makes complex history and geography exciting and palatable. If you like interesting prose which flows, this is the novel for you. The action is set in a vivid landscape which jumps from the pages and plays a crucial role in the action. The novel is deliberately descriptive in the early stages, so do not expect much dialogue initially. The opening chapters set the scene, introduce the context of the ensuing adventure, and the thought processes and motivations of the main characters. The story then gradually develops from this narrative into intense riveting action which holds you to the end.

by Sarah Delamere Hurding

IS your Destiny set in stone? Apparently not. 

In Designing your Destiny, Sarah Delamere Hurding, famous Irish seer, healer, & psychic to the stars, 

shows you how to utilize practical, spiritual tools to enhance your life. 

Explore how LIVING THROUGH SPIRIT helps you circumnavigate the road blocks, obstacles & negative mind- sets,

 which threaten to scupper your progress.

Learn how to astral travel, develop your intuition, dowse for guidance, communicate with the angelic realms, 

& connect with loved ones in Spirit. Work with energy to manifest your heart's desires, & design your own destiny. 

Let Mermaid Magic guide you, as you Co-Create your life with Spirit, & a little help from a swishy-tailed friend. ​

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The Book of Answers - This Mermaid Magic Oracle holds all the guidance you will ever need. Throw away your Magic 8 Ball, The Book of Answers is here. Ask your questions and be prepared for some controversial replies. There are guidance quotes from actors, musicians, historical figures, and world leaders on the left hand pages; while on the right hand pages there are oracle wisdom statements from Mermaid Magic. Be sure to respect the information you receive. The Universe may play tricks if you keep asking the same thing. Do not 'over ask'. The Universe honours your patience, wisdom, personal power, and magic. Work with The Book of Answers for some great results.

Sarah Delamere Hurding is a Life Coach and Author with a wide range of experience in the esoteric arts. In The Book of answers, the Author applies her years of experience writing astrology columns for newspapers and magazines. Using universal synchronicity, you will find that The Book of Answers brings spookily relevant details and answers to make you think. If you are skilled at meditation using the Mermaid Oracle will be a breeze. But it is also easy for someone with no experience in the esoteric arts to use. It can be opened randomly if you have a question in mind. Be warned you will have to think about the answer and how it applies to your situation. You will get the best results if you work honestly with the Oracle. Prepare to be amazed!

Sarah De La Mer has been dubbed 'the woman who knows everything' by Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell. While Ashton Kutcher called her 'right on point' on The Jimmy Kimmel show. Find out more about her journey in her memoir Mermaid in The Kitchen, Chasing Rainbows. Sarah worked in U2's Dublin nightclub The Kitchen for years, and this experience yielded a tale to tell.....

Eternal Horoscope - 

The Only Oracle You Will Ever Need 

A Magical Manifesting Manual! Eternal Horoscope is the only horoscope reference book you will ever need. Never mind scrambling to read your 'scope in the newspaper everyday. This reference book gives you a personal on-hand reference point with a synchronous spooky reading for every day of the year for every year to come. Sarah's writings are synchronous and hold their relevance. Not so much through what psychologists call the "Barnum Effect" (where generalities seem always relevant), but through a deep resonance and knowledge of Universal Truths. Sarah has a "hot line" to the heavens and you will soon get a sense of the power of her wisdom. Eternal Horoscope gives you a reference book for life that holds its efficacy and offers real, tangible daily advice in a magical sensible on-going way! What is not to like? Over the years whilst writing for various newspapers on a daily and weekly basis, Sarah received a lot of positive feedback about her "spooky" astrology writings. Many reviews stated that the reader felt she was talking to them directly. Sarah built some of her huge client list in this way. Readers over the years have found her channelled insights perceptive, pertinent and highly relevant to their daily lives. Now for the first time Sarah is sharing these writings in a book that you can use for years to come. Park your skepticism, experiment and enjoy the ride. You will find this is all you need. (For the religious amongst you, this is definitely not supposed to be a replacement for your Holy Books. But it is an added tool for meditation and thought, which should help you make sound decisions and gain a depth of understanding about your current "situation.") Eternal Horoscope can also be used as an Oracle. When you have a random question, focus your mind and open the book at the page which draws you - you will find your answer there if you close your eyes and point your finger to the relevant passage. You will never need your 8 ball again!

The GIFT is a memoir which explores the blessings,

challenges and curses of being born *psychic.* Sarah was brought up in the bosom of a Christian home, and the last thing she expected to ever be was a professional psychic and healer, especially having taken an academic route initially. Sarah noticed she had intuition and supernatural awareness from a young age.  But struggled to integrate her faith with all things psychic.

The Bible is of course full of healing and prophecy. But it also conveys warnings about mediums who claim to 

communicate with the spirits of the deceased - "I see dead people and all that!"

Sarah's life has been a spiritual minefield as she has applied her gifts both traditional and left field to help others. 

There is a lot of human interest to this story, leaving the psychic and spiritual aspects aside. Sarah has had some interesting adventures which will appeal to people not even remotely interested in "all things psychic." 

You think psychics do not win on the lottery numbers? They Do! 

 This fun, informative, fast-moving and comprehensive memoir has many layers to beguile, amuse and entice you. Sarah De La Mer was a hostess at U2's nightclub, The Kitchen for many years. 

The GIFT charts Sarah's rite of passage from young intuitive, via three academic degrees, to feted status as a celebrity psychic.

Simon Cowell & Louis Walsh of The X Factor, acknowledged Sarah as: "The woman who knows everything."

Ashton Kutcher, on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, stated that "Psychic Sarah is right on point".

While Bono of U2, composed her a ditty waltzing around a carpark!

"Her name is Sarah and she drives a blue car. You'd like to get to know her, 'cos she is A STAR!"

NB) If you have Mermaid In The Kitchen you don't need to get this one - but if you want the memoir without the 'Mermaid trimmings' and a slightly shorter book this is the version of Sarah's memoir for you. 

~ provides an enlightening sweeping survey of global astrology and cosmic truths. 

Sarah presents an eclectic mix of disciplines and esoteric wisdom in an intriguing way. 

Sarah's Star Signs is designed to help and guide you in your daily life. 

All the information is practical and relevant. 

Sarah makes ancient knowledge relatable to modern life, and encourages an awareness of spiritual magic 

to inspire and transform your existence.

After years of writing her column 'Dear Sarah' for The Irish Daily Star newspaper in Ireland, Psychic Sarah has decided to share her pearl's of wisdom in a book. Here are the resulting Letters For Life, written with love, humor, and empathy. 

Dear Sarah is a compassionate, insightful tome where all kinds of life issues & problems are addressed, if not sorted with Sarah's searing discernment & wisdom. Sarah is the Agony Aunt you turn to when all else fails. But she is also the soul sister you have always wanted. Her advice is friendly, perceptive, and relatable.