Calendars for 2021


Calendars for 2021 - A4 size 

There are various places and themes possible.

Already available are Portishead, Exmoor (Porlock/Bossington/Moors), London, Glastonbury, Scottish Lowlands (Edinburgh/Stirling/Rosslyn), Bath, Somerset, Marina Portishead, Killiney Co. Dublin,  Beaches & Sunrises (Killiney/Dalkey), S ausage Dogs, Abstract Art, Blue Monkey ART, Calendars are combinations of Photography, Sketches & Paintings all by @sarahdelamer and copyrighted.. 

Spiritual, Empowering, Inspirational messages,  Biblical verses  or Quotes can also be added for the personal touch. Youc an also commission photgraphy for special events which can be recorded as calendars or Prints or Books of Photgraphy etc .  

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